Building This Site

Why Even Bother?

So, why do I even bother to start a blog in 2019? Well, it’s something that has been on my mind for the longest time and I just never found the time to do it. Last weekend I decided that the time was right and here I am typing this…

It is so weird to be on the WordPress editor paying attention to the thing that I always ignore, the content area. I have been developing WP sites for the last 7 years and never had to type a single post! I mean I did but it was just a bunch of fill-up Lorem Ipsum text (or to be more specific, Hipster Ipsum). Anyway, the reasons why I’m starting this project are the following:

  1. To practice my written skills in English and Spanish. I type so much code that sometimes I forget how to properly communicate with other humans.
  2. To tell a story. Not a personal one (well maybe) but one about an ongoing development process. The idea is to write about every single step involved in the making of this site: sketching the UI, using Figma to design it, creating the WP theme, hosting it, creating new plugins, extending the REST API, etc.
  3. To keep track of my learning process. I am currently learning new technologies and I have discovered that if I take the time to write things down, I can absorb the concepts faster.
  4. To teach. I enjoy showing other people how to do stuff and how to use technology. I think this can be the right place to do it and reach a wider audience.
  5. To pay it forward. Most of what I know has come from reading other people’s blog posts. Posts about how they solve or approach a specific problem. Sometimes I cannot find an answer and I really struggle to solve the problem so if I talk about that here, other people will benefit too. Also, I have found a lot of great dev resources in English but not in Spanish so I think a lot about translating some of those as well.

I hope I can keep up with everything I want to do and that you enjoy the content as much as I enjoy writing it. Peace.